JMC Java Utilities is a Java library which offers Java programmers a set of utilities (classes) which can help them with their programs. Currently, the library is mainly focused on GUI utilities, such as missing Swing components or convenient component extensions; however, in the future, it will be a set of miscellany utilities.


JMC Java Utilities image

Take a look at the JMC Java Utilities and see all the work you can get done with just a few lines of code: JFontChooser, JEscapeDialog, JActionList, TextFilterDocument...


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Download the JMC Java Utilities library and start using it in your programs. There are different available downloads depending on your needs: jar library, source library and source library with use demos.


JMC Java Utilities Javadoc image

If you have decided to use the JMC Java Utilities library and you want to know how to use it, you can look at the available Java documentation: descriptions, examples, code issues...

The Project

JMC Java Utilities is a project created and directed by Josť Montero, a Computer Engineering student.

The goal pursued by this project is to create a powerful and easy-to-use Java library with useful utilities for programmers.

JMC Java Utilities is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License: anyone can have access to the source code and can modify it depending on their needs.

Since the project source code is available for anybody, the author would thank all the help you can offer: if you detect a bug, or even fix one, if you think that some extra features could be added to any of the currently available utilities, or if you have any suggestion or comment about the project, please contact the author.